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Research topics for MSc thesis in Chemical Engineering by year:



  • Tjon Chen - The development of an on-demand post-print modifiable photoresist for 2-photon polymerization lithography through PET-RAFT polymerization (MSc thesis Chem Eng, 2022)

  • Saad Khan - Synthesis of hydrophobic starch for coatings application. A green chemistry substitute for coating industry (MSc thesis Chem Eng, 2022)

  • Rik Bazuin - Thermoresponsive amphiphilic block copolymers for enhanced oil recovery (BSc thesis Chem Eng, 2021))

  • Frank van der Donk - Synthesis and characterization of novel biobased polyester-imides from natural amino acids, as precursors of polyester-imide urethane coatings (MSc thesis Chem Eng, 2021)

  • Bart de Wijk - Synthesis and characterisation of reversible hydrogels by Diels-Alder click reaction (MSc thesis Chem Eng, 2021)

  • Jelmer Meijer - Cationic polyester emulsions for wood coating application (BSc thesis Chem Eng, 2020)

  • Eva Tapani - Modeling and Synthesis of Amphiphilic Copolymers. A study of reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer (BSc thesis Chem Eng, 2020)

  • Olivia Koot - Amphiphilic styrene-acrylamide copolymers for EOR. Synthesis and characterization of styrene-acrylamide amphiphilic block copolymers produced via RAFT polymerization. (MSc thesis Chem Eng, 2020) - Manuscript in preparation

  • Paul van den Tempel - A two-step synthesis of random amphiphilic n-butyl (meth)acrylate-acrylic acid copolymers and their solution properties in water (MSc thesis Chem Eng, 2020) - Manuscript in preparation

  • Zhou Fang - Synthesis and characterization of novel aqueous cationic polyurethane dispersions for coating applications (MSc thesis Chem Eng, 2020) 

  • Xander van Essen - Production of biodegradable polysaccharide based coatings (MSc thesis Ind Eng & Manag, 2019)

  • Athul B. Hemant Kumar - Cationic Polyurethane Dispersions for Wood coating Applications (MSc thesis Ind Eng & Manag, 2019)

  • Fabian de Jonge - Synthesis of a biodegradable coating through direct transesterification of starch and sunflower oil (BSc thesis Chem Eng, 2019)

  • Hidde Joosten - Polymers for Enhanced Oil Recovery. Preparation and characterization of amphiphilic polymers and property analysis for enhanced oil recovery (BSc thesis Chem Eng, 2019)

  • Marc van der Linden - The synthesis and characterisation of a copolymer exhibiting mechanochromic properties. On the mechanochromic luminescence of an aminomethylpyrene functionalised copolymer in SBS (MSc thesis Chem Eng, 2018)

  • Frank den Hoed - Carbon Nanotube dispersion by pH responsive amphiphilic block copolymers (MSc thesis Chem Eng, 2018) - Related publication

  • Tori Fourie - Creating Amphiphilic Highly-Branched Polysaccharides for bio-based sufractants purposes (MSc thesis Ind Eng & Manag, 2018) - Manuscript in preparation

  • Tuan Tran - Synthesis of cationic dihydroxyl-terminated polyesters as building block for polyurethane dispersion in wood coating application (BSc thesis Chem Eng, 2017)

  • Nadia Boulif - Preparation of a tri-block copolymer for enhanced oil recovery (BSc thesis Chem Eng, 2017)

  • Gijs van der Veen - Polymeric surfactants for industrial applications (Integration Project BSc Ind Eng & Manag, 2017)

  • Antoine de Haas - Expanding the scope of thermoreversible rubbers using Diels-Alder chemistry (Integration Project BSc Ind Eng & Manag, 2017)


  • F. Lo Moro - Synthesis of amphiphilic co- and terpolymers for enhanced oil recovery applications and study of their solution properties (MSc Industrial Chemistry, University of Pisa, 2020)

  • F. Di Sacco - MSc Industrial Chemistry, University of Pisa, 2018) - Related Publication

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