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Book on chemical enhanced oil recovery published in 2019

Raffa, P.* Interactions between an Associative Amphiphilic Block Polyelectrolyte and Surfactants in Water: Effect of Charge Type on Solution Properties and Aggregation. Polymers, 2021, online (open access)

Raffa, P.*, Kassi, A., Gosschalk, J., Migliore, N., Polgar, L.M., Picchioni, F. A Structure‐Properties Relationship Study of Self‐Healing Materials Based on Styrene and Furfuryl Methacrylate Cross‐Linked via Diels–Alder Chemistry. Macromol. Mat. Eng., 2021, online (open access). Selected as inside cover

Raffa, P.*, Picchioni, F. Preliminary evaluation of amphiphilic block polyelectrolytes as potential flooding agents for low salinity chemical enhanced oil recovery. Journal of Petroleoum Science and Engineering, 2020, online (open access)

Migliore, N., Zijlstra, D., van Kooten, T., Deuss, P., Raffa, P.* Amphiphilic Copolymers Derived from Butanosolv Lignin and Acrylamide: Synthesis, Properties in Water Solution, and Potential Applications. ACS Applied Polymer Materials, 2020, online (open access)

Raffa, P.*, Peixoto, C. S. P., da Costa, P. F. A., Polgar, L. M., Machado, A. V., Hough, P., & van Duin, M. Optimization of hybrid oil/water-swelling ethylene/propylene/diene monomer compounds. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2020, online (open access)

N. Migliore, F. Picchioni, P. Raffa*; The effect of macromolecular structure on the rheology and surface properties of amphiphilic random Polystyrene-r-Poly(meth)acrylate copolymers prepared by RDRP, Soft Matter, 16, 2836-2846. online (open access)

F. den Hoed , A. Pucci , F. Picchioni , P. Raffa*; Design of a pH-responsive conductive nanocomposite based on MWCNTs stabilized in water by amphiphilic block copolymers. Nanomaterials, 2019, 9(10), 1410, online (open access) pre-published version in preprints

F. Di Sacco, A. Pucci, P. Raffa* Versatile Multi-Functional Block Copolymers Made by Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization and Post-Synthetic Modification: Switching from Volatile Organic Compound Sensors to Polymeric Surfactants for Water Rheology Control via Hydrolysis, Nanomaterials (Basel). 2019, 9(3), 458, online (open access)

Klemm, B., Picchioni, F., van Mastrigt, F., & Raffa, P. (2018). Starlike Branched Polyacrylamides by RAFT Polymerization-Part I: Synthesis and CharacterizationACS Omega, 3(12), 18762-18770, online (open access)

P. Druetta*, P. Raffa, F. Picchioni; Chemical enhanced oil recovery and the role of chemical product design. Applied Energy 252 (2019) 113480, online

Polgar, L. M., Fallani, F., Cuijpers, J., Raffa*, P., Broekhuis, A., van Duin, M., & Picchioni, F. (2019). Water-swellable elastomers: synthesis, properties and applications. Reviews in Chemical Engineering, 35(1), 45-72, online


Druetta, P., Raffa, P., & Picchioni, F. (2018). Plenty of Room at the Bottom: Nanotechnology as Solution to an Old Issue in Enhanced Oil RecoveryApplied Sciences, 8(12), [2596], online

Noordergraaf, I., Fourie, T. K., & Raffa, P. (2018). Free-Radical Graft Polymerization onto Starch as a Tool to Tune Properties in Relation to Potential Applications: A ReviewProcesses, 6(4), 31, online

Raffa, P., Broekhuis, A. A., & Picchioni, F. (2016). Polymeric surfactants for enhanced oil recovery: A reviewJournal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 145, 723-733, online

Raffa, P., Wever, D. A. Z., Picchioni, F., & Broekhuis, A. A. (2015). Polymeric Surfactants: Synthesis, Properties, and Links to ApplicationsChemical reviews, 115(16), 8504-8563, online

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