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Associated Publications

N. Migliore et al, The effect of macromolecular structure on the rheology and surface properties of amphiphilic random polystyrene-r-poly(meth)acrylate copolymers prepared by RDRP.  Read here

F. Di Sacco et al, Versatile multi-functional block copolymers made by atom transfer radical polymerization and post-synthetic modification: Switching from volatile organic compound sensors to polymeric surfactants for water rheology control via hydrolysis. Read here

Raffa et al, The effect of hydrophilic and hydrophobic block length on the rheology of amphiphilic diblock Polystyrene-b-Poly(sodium methacrylate) copolymers prepared by ATRP. Read here

Associated Publications

Raffa et al, Amphiphilic copolymers based on PEG-acrylate as surface active water viscosifiers: Towards new potential systems for enhanced oil recovery. Read here

Raffa et al, Polymeric surfactants for enhanced oil recovery: A review. Read here

Associated Publications

den Hoed et al, Design of a pH-Responsive Conductive Nanocomposite Based on MWCNTs Stabilized in Water by Amphiphilic Block Copolymers. Read here

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