The research at the RaffaLab focuses on design and synthesis via ATRP, RAFT, and polycondensation of new polymers for various industrial applications. 


We investigate mainly structure-properties relationships in amphiphilic polymers used as rheology modifiers or emulsifiers for applications such as enhanced oil recovery, stimuli-responsive materialssmart hydrogels and coatings.


Recently, we started researching the synthesis and properties of new polymeric materials from renewable and sustainable sources, including sugar beets, starch, and lignin

About me

I'm Patrizio Raffa, Assistant Professor in Polymeric Products at the University of Groningen since January 2017, and this is the website of my research group. RaffaLab is my research group in the department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Groningen (RUG), Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE), and part of the ENTEG (ENgineering and TEchnology Groningen) institute.

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