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The research at the RaffaLab focuses on design and synthesis of new smart and sustainable polymers for various industrial applications.

In particular, we are interested in amphiphilic and stimuli-responsive polymers obtained via controlled polymerization methods, and in the use of bio-derived building blocks for the synthesis of sustainable polymeric products. These can be used in various applications as rheology modifiers, emulsifiers, dispersants, binders, controlled release systems, and smart materials.

Our goal is to obtain smarter and more sustainable products for the chemical industry, including personal care products, pharmaceuticals, coatings and paints, fluids for enhanced oil recovery, controlled delivery systems for drugs and/or agrochemicals, smart sensing hydrogels, and more.

At a more fundamental research level, we are interested in understanding the self-assembly and stimuli-responsive behavior of amphiphilic polymers, and how these are connected to the polymer chemical composition and structure.

About me

I'm Patrizio Raffa, Associate Professor in Smart and Sustainable Polymeric Products. This is my personal page, where I write about my research group at the University of Groningen (RUG), Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE), part of the ENTEG (ENgineering and TEchnology Groningen) institute.

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